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MINING RESUMES PTY LTD specialises in the preparation of interview-winning résumés for clients pursuing employment in the Australian mining industry and oil & gas industry.


Jennifer Mason - St James, WA
Achieved a job as an Office Manager in the mining industry 25 days after résumé completion

As you aware I have been working in the corporate sector over the past 15 years in clerical roles. I called you a month ago with my thoughts on making a transition into a senior administrative role within the WA mining industry. Your insight, advice, direction and confidence building together with an exceptional résumé and cover letter helped get me over the line and achieve my goals. I attended an interview 2 days ago and used your interview tips which helped me greatly in responding correctly. Then a few hours ago I received a call to inform me "I got the job!" and start Monday week. I'm very pleased and grateful for all your help. I have many friends that wish to make a career transition, so please send me some extra business cards - I would be pleased to send them your way...

Ryan Dickson - Margaret River, WA
Achieved a job as a Dump Truck Driver within 28 days of résumé completion

I got the job as a Dump Truck Driver. I am so excited and I am very grateful for helping me to secure a mining job. Your tips and coaching really helped me to understand what they are looking for. I just received a call today informing me I was successful in securing the role, so you are the first person to know. Thanks again and keep up the good work. I can see why you are the leaders in mining resume preparation and coaching, it's so much more than a résumé service … you guys know exactly what you are talking about.

Hayden Bellington - Karratha, WA
Achieved a job interview as a Safety Trainer in the mining industry 9 days after résumé completion

Firstly thank you so much for sending off my online applications last Friday, I received a call back today from a mining recruitment agency and I am happy to inform you that I have a job interview tomorrow for a Safety Trainer position. I am more confident now I have a professional resume to present and will call you this evening if that's ok to discuss my upcoming interview and how to answer difficult interview questions. Many thanks.

David Kendall, Electrician - Cannington, WA
Achieved several interviews and secured an Electrician role with Rio Tinto 17 days from résumé completion

I am writing to thank you for all your help in assisting me to gain employment in the mining resources industry. Having operated my own electrical business for 25 years, I wasn't confident in putting together a résumé, however your service and support has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much. Having applied for jobs at Rio Tinto in recent weeks, I have received a wealth of interest, in fact I was offered an entry level role working in the coal mines working FI/FO. I didn't expect such positive results quickly. The training and courses you suggested also provided valuable information. Your team provided so much more than just a résumé writing service and I am eternally grateful for all your coaching and advice.

John Bradley, Trades Assistant - Perth, WA
Achieved job interviews for mining jobs in 20 days from résumé completion

I have tried to secure a mining job for 6 months to no avail. The résumé and very professional cover letters you have created for me has dramatically increased my success, attaining 4 job interviews in only 20 days since receiving the completed documents from you. I am very pleased and amazed at the difference in results I have achieved using mining experts such as yourself. I really appreciate all your help which exceeded my expectations. I'll keep you posted on my progress...

Kenneth Dawson, Site Supervisor - Atwell, WA
Achieved Employment in the mining industry in 14 days from résumé completion

Wow what would I have done with out you, Monique thank you so much!!!! The mining résumé looks fantastic. My son will be needing you soon to apply for Trainee Dump Truck Driver positions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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